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1    capable of existing, taking place, or proving true without contravention of any natural law  
2    capable of being achieved  
it is not possible to finish in three weeks     
3    having potential or capabilities for favourable use or development  
the idea is a possible money-spinner     
4    that may or may not happen or have happened; feasible but less than probable  
it is possible that man will live on Mars     
5      (Logic)   (of a statement, formula, etc.) capable of being true under some interpretation, or in some circumstances. Usual symbol: Mp or <poss>p, where p is the given expression  
6       another word for       possibility       3  
     (C14: from Latin possibilis that may be, from posse to be able, have power)  
Although it is very common to talk about something being very possible or more possible, these uses are generally thought to be incorrect, since possible describes an absolute state, and therefore something can only be possible or not possible: it is very likely (not very possible) that he will resign; it has now become easier (not more possible) to obtain an entry visa  

logically possible  
      adj   capable of being described without self-contradiction  
possible world  
      n     (Logic)   (in modal logic) a semantic device formalizing the notion of what the world might have been like. A statement is necessarily true if and only if it is true in every possible world  
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1    conceivable, credible, hypothetical, imaginable, likely, potential  
2    attainable, doable, feasible, on     (informal)   practicable, realizable, viable, within reach, workable  
3    hopeful, likely, potential, probable, promising  
   impossible, impracticable, improbable, inconceivable, incredible, unfeasible, unimaginable, unlikely, unobtainable, unreasonable, unthinkable  

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as soon as possible
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