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      vb   tr  
1    to have as one's property; own  
2    to have as a quality, faculty, characteristic, etc.  
to possess good eyesight     
3    to have knowledge or mastery of  
to possess a little French     
4    to gain control over or dominate  
whatever possessed you to act so foolishly?     
5    foll by: of   to cause to be the owner or possessor  
I am possessed of the necessary information     
6    often foll by: with   to cause to be influenced or dominated (by)  
the news possessed him with anger     
7    to have sexual intercourse with  
8    Now rare   to keep control over or maintain (oneself or one's feelings) in a certain state or condition  
possess yourself in patience until I tell you the news     
9    Archaic   to gain or seize  
     (C15: from Old French possesser, from Latin possidere to own, occupy; related to Latin sedere to sit)  
  possessor      n  
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1    be blessed with, be born with, be endowed with, enjoy, have, have to one's name, hold, own  
2    acquire, control, dominate, hold, occupy, seize, take over, take possession of  
3    bewitch, consume, control, dominate, enchant, fixate, influence, mesmerize, obsess, put under a spell  

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