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1    a strong form of empiricism, esp. as established in the philosophical system of Auguste Comte, that rejects metaphysics and theology as seeking knowledge beyond the scope of experience, and holds that experimental investigation and observation are the only sources of substantial knowledge  
   See also       logical positivism  
2      (Also called)    legal positivism   the jurisprudential doctrine that the legitimacy of a law depends on its being enacted in proper form, rather than on its content  
   Compare       natural law       3  
3    the quality of being definite, certain, etc.  
  positivist      n, adj  
  positivistic      adj  
  positivistically      adv  

legal positivism  
      n      another name for       positivism       2  
logical positivism  
      n   a philosophical theory that holds to be meaningful only those propositions that can be analysed by the tools of logic into elementary propositions that are either tautological or are empirically verifiable. It therefore rejects metaphysics, theology, and sometimes ethics as meaningless  
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