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position effect


      n   the effect on the phenotype of interacting genes when their relative positions on the chromosome are altered, as by inversion  
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1    the place, situation, or location of a person or thing  
he took up a position to the rear     
2    the appropriate or customary location  
the telescope is in position for use     
3    the arrangement or disposition of the body or a part of the body  
the corpse was found in a sitting position     
4    the manner in which a person or thing is placed; arrangement  
5      (Military)   an area or point occupied for tactical reasons  
6    mental attitude; point of view; stand  
what's your position on this issue?     
7    social status or standing, esp. high social standing  
8    a post of employment; job  
9    the act of positing a fact or viewpoint  
10    something posited, such as an idea, proposition, etc.  
11      (Sport)   the part of a field or playing area where a player is placed or where he generally operates  
12      (Music)  
a    the vertical spacing or layout of the written notes in a chord. Chords arranged with the three upper voices close together are in close position. Chords whose notes are evenly or widely distributed are in open position  
   See also       root position  
b    one of the points on the fingerboard of a stringed instrument, determining where a string is to be stopped  
13      (in classical prosody)  
a    the situation in which a short vowel may be regarded as long, that is, when it occurs before two or more consonants  
b    make position   (of a consonant, either on its own or in combination with other consonants, such as x in Latin) to cause a short vowel to become metrically long when placed after it  
14      (Finance)   the market commitment of a dealer in securities, currencies, or commodities  
a long position, a short position     
15    in a position   foll by an infinitive   able (to)  
I'm not in a position to reveal these figures     
      vb   tr  
16    to put in the proper or appropriate place; locate  
17      (Sport)   to place (oneself or another player) in a particular part of the field or playing area  
18    Rare   to locate or ascertain the position of  
     (C15: from Late Latin positio a positioning, affirmation, from ponere to place, lay down)  
  positional      adj  

benchmark position  
      n     (N.Z.)   a public service job used for comparison with a similar position, such as a position in commerce, for wage settlements  
false position  
      n   a situation in which a person is forced to act or seems to be acting against his principles or interests  
fetal position  
      n   a bodily position similar to that of a fetus in the womb, with the knees up towards the chest and the head bent forward  
lotus position  
      n   a seated cross-legged position used in yoga, meditation, etc.  
missionary position  
Informal   a position for sexual intercourse in which the man lies on top of the woman and they are face to face  
     (C20: from the belief that missionaries advocated this as the proper position to primitive peoples among whom it was unknown)  
open position  
      n     (Commerce)   a situation in which a dealer in commodities, securities, or currencies has either unsold stock or uncovered sales  
pole position  
1    (in motor racing) the starting position on the inside of the front row, generally considered the best one  
2    an advantageous starting position  
position audit  
      n     (Commerce)   a systematic assessment of the current strengths and weaknesses of an organization as a prerequisite for future strategic planning  
position effect  
      n   the effect on the phenotype of interacting genes when their relative positions on the chromosome are altered, as by inversion  
root position  
      n     (Music)   the vertical distribution of the written notes of a chord in which the root of the chord is in the bass  
   See       position       12a       inversion       5a  

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1    area, bearings, locale, locality, location, place, point, post, reference, site, situation, spot, station, whereabouts  
2    arrangement, attitude, disposition, pose, posture, stance  
3    angle, attitude, belief, opinion, outlook, point of view, slant, stance, stand, standpoint, view, viewpoint  
4    circumstances, condition, lie of the land, pass, plight, predicament, situation, state, strait(s)  
5    caste, class, consequence, eminence, importance, place, prestige, rank, reputation, standing, station, stature, status  
6    berth     (informal)   billet     (informal)   capacity, duty, employment, function, job, occupation, office, place, post, role, situation  
7    arrange, array, dispose, fix, lay out, locate, place, put, sequence, set, settle, stand, stick     (informal)  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
large enough to have an effect or be important
[US] The series has aroused considerable interest.
To position ones self, or an object like your rusty old car, in a place that is not only open and clearly visible to all, it is unavoidably in just about everyone's way.
[Slang] "You can't miss him, he's over there, parked in his POS Volvo, smack dab in the middle of the road!" source : Urban Dictionary
have similar qualities or a similar size, position etc to something else
When I was in the 8th grade in Japan, I broke down my right hand, so I needed to write everything by my left hand and my left hand writing did not correspond to my right one.
attitude or practise whereby a man, either sitting at the table, on a sofa or in public transportation, adopts a spread position notably splaying his legs wide apart in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat and deny space to the person sitting or wanting to sit next to him
Ex: I become upset and irritated seeing all that manspreading in the subway and buses during rush hours and more generally by that growing lack of civil vertue everywhere.
dominant position, use of an office with power and influence to expose or impose one's views
canned by Theodore Roosevelt
Poisonously vicious person in position of power who is not immediately identified as such. Both sexes. Euphemism.
1. throw someone or something out of a window 2. [fig.][fam.] dismiss/remove (sb) from a position of authority/power
Ex1: The inspector considers the assumption that the victim might have been defenastrated. Ex2: Due to the lack of results, the decision was taken to 'defenestrate' the manager.
use the authority given by a position (in society, in a company etc.) to determine someone to act in a certain manner
E.g: He is not eager to attend the event, but he has to be there because his boss pulled rank on him.
not matter; have no value or effect; be useless
a portmanteau of 'employer' and 'voyeurism'. signifies the act of searching for an employer or the practice of an employer when looking to fill positions. The term places an emphasis on the secretive connotation of the word 'voyeur', denoting a clandestine and thus superior form of employment search
[Tech.] Ex.: Employerism is what one must engage in, if one wishes to embark upon a more productive job hunt!
The practice of monitoring the effects of medical drugs, especially in order to identify and evaluate previously unreported adverse reactions
[Med.] Ex: In his job as a pharmacovigilance officer, Andrew develops diagnostic tools to improve drug safety
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