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1    to assume or cause to assume a physical attitude, as for a photograph or painting  
2    intr; often foll by: as   to pretend to be or present oneself (as something one is not)  
3    intr   to affect an attitude or play a part in order to impress others  
4    tr   to put forward, ask, or assert  
to pose a question     
5    a physical attitude, esp. one deliberately adopted for or represented by an artist or photographer  
6    a mode of behaviour that is adopted for effect  
     (C14: from Old French poser to set in place, from Late Latin pausare to cease, put down (influenced by Latin ponere to place))  
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pose          [2]  
      vb   tr  
1    Rare   to puzzle or baffle  
2    Archaic   to question closely  
     (C16: from obsolete appose, from Latin apponere to put to, set against; see oppose)  

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1    arrange, model, position, sit, sit for  
2      (often with)       as   feign, impersonate, masquerade as, pass oneself off as, pretend to be, profess to be, sham  
3    affect, attitudinize, posture, put on airs, show off     (informal)   strike an attitude  
4    advance, posit, present, propound, put, put forward, set, state, submit  
5    attitude, bearing, mien     (literary)   position, posture, stance  
6    act, affectation, air, attitudinizing, façade, front, mannerism, masquerade, posturing, pretence, role  

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