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      n   any of various large hystricomorph rodents of the families Hystricidae, of Africa, Indonesia, S Europe, and S Asia, and Erethizontidae, of the New World. All species have a body covering of protective spines or quills  
     (C14 porc despyne pig with spines, from Old French porc espin; see pork, spine)  
  porcupinish      adj  
  porcupiny      adj  

porcupine fish  
      n   any of various plectognath fishes of the genus Diodon and related genera, of temperate and tropical seas, having a body that is covered with sharp spines and can be inflated into a globe: family Diodontidae,   (Also called)    globefish  
porcupine grass  
      n     (Austral)      another name for       spinifex       2  
porcupine provisions  
      pl n     (Finance)   provisions, such as poison pills or staggered directorships, made in the bylaws of a company to deter takeover bids,   (Also called)    shark repellents  
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