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1    appealing to the general public; widely favoured or admired  
2    favoured by an individual or limited group  
I'm not very popular with her     
3    connected with, representing, or prevailing among the general public; common  
popular discontent     
4    appealing to or comprehensible to the layman  
a popular lecture on physics     
5    usually pl   cheap newspapers with mass circulation; the popular press,   (Also shortened to)    pops  
     (C15: from Latin popularis belonging to the people, democratic, from populus people)  
  popularity      n  

popular etymology  
      n     (Linguistics)      another name for       folk etymology  
popular front  
      n   often cap   any of the left-wing groups or parties that were organized from 1935 onwards to oppose the spread of fascism  
popular music  
      n   music having wide appeal, esp. characterized by lightly romantic or sentimental melodies  
   See also       pop   2  
popular sovereignty  
      n   (in the pre-Civil War U.S.) the doctrine that the inhabitants of a territory should be free from federal interference in determining their own domestic policy, esp. in deciding whether or not to allow slavery  
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1    accepted, approved, celebrated, famous, fashionable, favoured, favourite, in, in demand, in favour, liked, sought-after, well-liked  
2    common, conventional, current, general, prevailing, prevalent, public, standard, stock, ubiquitous, universal, widespread  
1    despised, detested, disliked, hated, loathed, unaccepted, unpopular  
2    infrequent, rare, uncommon, unusual  

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a popular person in a community
a modern version of the popular saying "killing two birds with one stone" derived from the popular video game "angry birds."
fan of Justin Bieber (young and very popular singer)
word coined in 2010, due to the very wide fan club of Justin Bieber, with a play on words : believer, lieber (dear in German)
expression used to describe something that is in decline or has lost the qualities that made it popular, appealing, successful
used originally in media to describe a show or a movie that is declining in popularity. E.g: I loved their ads, but with the last ones they just jump the shark.
a strategy video game originary from Japan, published by Nintendo. Now it is very popular everywhere around the world.
The name Pokémo ncomes from the words Pocket Monsters
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