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poppy seed


      n   the small grey seeds of one type of poppy flower, used esp. on loaves and as a cake filling  
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      n   pl   , -pies  
1    any of numerous papaveraceous plants of the temperate genus Papaver, having red, orange, or white flowers and a milky sap: see corn poppy, Iceland poppy, opium poppy  
2    any of several similar or related plants, such as the California poppy, prickly poppy, horned poppy, and Welsh poppy  
3    any of the drugs, such as opium, that are obtained from these plants  
a    a strong red to reddish-orange colour  
b    (as adj)  
a poppy dress     
5       a less common name for       poppyhead       2  
6    an artificial red poppy flower worn to mark Remembrance Sunday  
     (Old English popæg, ultimately from Latin papaver)  

California poppy  
      n   a papaveraceous plant, Eschscholtzia californica, of the Pacific coast of North America, having yellow or orange flowers and finely divided bluish-green leaves  
corn poppy  
      n   a poppy, Papaver rhoeas, that has bright red flowers and grows in cornfields. Since World War I it has been the symbol of fallen soldiers,   (Also called)    coquelicot, Flanders poppy, field poppy  
field poppy  
      n      another name for       corn poppy  
Flanders poppy  
      n      another name for       corn poppy  
horned poppy  
      n   any of several Eurasian papaveraceous plants of the genera Glaucium and Roemeria, having large brightly coloured flowers and long curved seed capsules  
Iceland poppy  
      n   any of various widely cultivated arctic poppies, esp. Papaver nudicaule, with white or yellow nodding flowers  
opium poppy  
      n   a poppy, Papaver somniferum, of SW Asia, with greyish-green leaves and typically white or reddish flowers: widely cultivated as a source of opium  
Poppy Day  
      n      an informal name for       Remembrance Sunday  
poppy seed  
      n   the small grey seeds of one type of poppy flower, used esp. on loaves and as a cake filling  
prickly poppy  
      n   an annual papaveraceous plant, Argemone mexicana, of tropical America, having prickly stems and leaves and large yellow or white flowers  
tall poppy  
      n     (Austral)  
informal   a person who has a high salary or is otherwise prominent  
     (perhaps from Tarquin's decapitation of the tallest poppies in his garden, to indicate the fate of the most prominent citizens of Gabii)  
tall poppy syndrome  
      n     (Austral)  
informal   a tendency to disparage any person who has achieved great prominence or wealth  
Welsh poppy  
      n   a perennial W European papaveraceous plant, Meconopsis cambrica, with large yellow flowers  

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