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1    any tree of the salicaceous genus Populus, of N temperate regions, having triangular leaves, flowers borne in catkins, and light soft wood  
   See also       aspen       balsam poplar       Lombardy poplar       white poplar  
2    any of various trees resembling the true poplars, such as the tulip tree  
3    the wood of any of these trees  
     (C14: from Old French poplier, from pouple, from Latin populus)  

balsam poplar  
      n   a poplar tree, Populus balsamifera, of NE North America, having resinous buds and broad heart-shaped leaves  
   See also       tacamahac  
Lombardy poplar  
      n   an Italian poplar tree, Populus nigra italica, with upwardly pointing branches giving it a columnar shape  
trembling poplar  
      n      another name for       aspen  
white poplar  
1      (Also called)    abele   a Eurasian salicaceous tree, Populus alba, having leaves covered with dense silvery-white hairs  
2       another name for       tulipwood       1  
yellow poplar  
      n      another name for       tulip tree       1       tulipwood       1  
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