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pop art


      n   a movement in modern art that imitates the methods, styles, and themes of popular culture and mass media, such as comic strips, advertising, and science fiction  
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pop          [1]  
      vb   , pops, popping, popped  
1    to make or cause to make a light sharp explosive sound  
2    to burst open or cause to burst open with such a sound  
3    intr; often foll by: in, out, etc.  
Informal   to come (to) or go (from) rapidly or suddenly; to pay a brief or unexpected visit (to)  
4    intr   (esp. of the eyes) to protrude  
her eyes popped with amazement     
5    to shoot or fire at (a target) with a firearm  
6    tr   to place or put with a sudden movement  
she popped some tablets into her mouth     
7    tr  
Informal   to pawn  
he popped his watch yesterday     
8    tr  
Slang   to take (a drug) in pill form or as an injection  
pill popping     
9    pop one's clogs      See       clog       9  
10    pop the question  
Informal   to propose marriage  
11    a light sharp explosive sound; crack  
12    Informal   a flavoured nonalcoholic carbonated beverage  
13    with a popping sound  
14    an exclamation denoting a sharp explosive sound,   (See also)        pop off       pop-up  
     (C14: of imitative origin)  

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1    bang, burst, crack, explode, go off, report, snap  
2      (often with)       in, out, etc.     (informal)   appear, call, come or go suddenly, drop in     (informal)   leave quickly, nip in     (Brit. informal)   nip out     (Brit. informal)   visit  
3      (especially of eyes)   bulge, protrude, stick out  
4    insert, push, put, shove, slip, stick, thrust, tuck  
5    bang, burst, crack, explosion, noise, report  
6      (informal)   fizzy drink, ginger     (Scot.)   lemonade, soda water, soft drink  

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pop, pop, POP, pop off

Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
telling someone to fight you."do sth !"
yell at someone; attack someone verbally or physically
An abbreviation of the word 'relationship.' The word describes fans' approval of fictional or desired romances between characters or pop culture figures.
Example: I totally ship Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.
1. the art of public speaking in which gesture, vocal production, and delivery are emphasized 2.the study of formal speaking in pronunciation, grammar, style, and tone.
the skillful art of eyeing and identifying employment arrangements, by either job seekers or the publishers of staffing vacancies.
[Bus.] Ex.: Jack was adept at employerism and thus was able to fill most of the job openings in his department in a relatively short period of time.
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