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police dog


      n   a dog, often an Alsatian, trained to help the police, as in tracking  
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a    often preceded by: the   the organized civil force of a state, concerned with maintenance of law and order, the detection and prevention of crime, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a police inquiry     
2    functioning as pl   the members of such a force collectively  
3    any organized body with a similar function  
security police     
4    Archaic  
a    the regulation and control of a community, esp. in regard to the enforcement of law, the prevention of crime, etc.  
b    the department of government concerned with this  
      vb   tr  
5    to regulate, control, or keep in order by means of a police or similar force  
6    to observe or record the activity or enforcement of  
a committee was set up to police the new agreement on picketing     
7      (U.S.)   to make or keep (a military camp, etc.) clean and orderly  
     (C16: via French from Latin politia administration, government; see polity)  

International Criminal Police Organization  
      n      See       Interpol  
kitchen police  
      pl n     (U.S.)   soldiers who have been detailed to work in the kitchen, esp. as a punishment,   (Abbrev.)    KP  
military police  
      n   a corps within an army that performs police and disciplinary duties  
  military policeman      n  
police court  
1       another name for       magistrates' court  
2    (in Scotland, formerly) a burgh court with limited jurisdiction, presided over by lay magistrates or a stipendiary magistrate: replaced in 1975 by the district court  
police dog  
      n   a dog, often an Alsatian, trained to help the police, as in tracking  
Police Motu  
      n   a pidginized version of the Motu language, used as a lingua franca in Papua, originally chiefly by the police,   (Also called)    Hiri Motu  
police officer  
      n   a member of a police force, esp. a constable; policeman,   (Often (esp. as form of address) shortened to)    officer  
police procedural  
      n   a novel, film, or television drama that deals realistically with police work  
police state  
      n   a state or country in which a repressive government maintains control through the police  
police station  
      n   the office or headquarters of the police force of a district  
police wagon  
      n     (U.S)      another term for       patrol wagon  
Royal Canadian Mounted Police  
      n   the federal police force of Canada,   (Abbrev)    RCMP  
secret police  
      n   a police force that operates relatively secretly to check subversion or political dissent  
thought police  
      n   a group of people with totalitarian views on a given subject, who constantly monitor others for any deviation from prescribed thinking  
     (C20: from the Thought Police described by George Orwell in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949))  

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1    boys in blue     (informal)   constabulary, fuzz     (slang)   law enforcement agency, police force, the law     (informal)   the Old Bill     (slang)  
2    control, guard, keep in order, keep the peace, patrol, protect, regulate, watch  
3      (figurative)   check, monitor, observe, oversee, supervise  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
police officer
a mess, a failure
[Slang];[UK] it comes from the cooking domain where the phrase described a dish that was not tasty enough and therefore thrown away to dogs
something or someone that is regarded as outstanding, extremely good ; the best ; the cream ; the quintessence ; the jewel ; the top ; the bee's knees ; the cat's pyjamas
[UK];[Slang] Refers to the dog's habit of licking its testicles. By extension (and not without humor) the latter probably taste good! Ex: Among their albums,"master of puppets" is likely the dog's bullocks!
expression used for pointing out that, if you love someone, you accept also things and people dear to the person you love
award for the best dog in a dog show
At French dog shows they use the English expression
police van in which prisoners are transported from the police stations to the jails
slang term
police crowd management technique that consists of herding people into a compact group. AKA corralling
purple dye sprayed by a police water cannon to mark the demonstrators for arrest. The purple substance was dubbed 'purple rain' by the press after an anti-apartheid protest held in Cape Town on September 2, 1989.
verification conducted by police to find out if a person has a criminal record or not.
Usually requested by an individual for new employment, citizenship applications, name changes, etc.
vintage light on police car, i.e. a single dome with rotating lights inside. Thus nicknamed because of it's resemblance with bubblegum machines.
[US];[Coll.] Syn. bubble gum machine, gumball machine.
sentence containing all letters of a given alphabet at least once.The canonical example in English is: 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'.
A perfect pangram contains each letter of the alphabet just once and thus is far more difficult to come up with. The best seems to be: 'Mr. Jock, TV quiz PhD, bags few lynx'.
the best, the dog's bollocks , the bee's knees
the duck's nuts, the best, the dog's bollocks
rain very heavily
Idiomatic expression. "The weather was really bad yesterday. It was raining cats and dogs all day."
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