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1    tr   to pull off (feathers, fruit, etc.) from (a fowl, tree, etc.)  
2    when intr, foll by: at   to pull or tug  
3    tr; foll by: off, away, etc.  
Archaic   to pull (something) forcibly or violently (from something or someone)  
4    tr   to sound (the strings) of (a musical instrument) with the fingers, a plectrum, etc.  
5    tr      another word for       strip   1       7  
6    tr  
Slang   to fleece or swindle  
7    courage, usually in the face of difficulties or hardship  
8    a sudden pull or tug  
9    the heart, liver, and lungs, esp. of an animal used for food  
     (Old English pluccian, plyccan; related to German pflücken)  
   plucker             n  
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