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plough back


      vb   tr, adv   to reinvest (the profits of a business) in the same business  
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plough   ,   (esp. U.S.)   plow  
1    an agricultural implement with sharp blades, attached to a horse, tractor, etc., for cutting or turning over the earth  
2    any of various similar implements, such as a device for clearing snow  
3    a plane with a narrow blade for cutting grooves in wood  
4    (in agriculture) ploughed land  
5    put one's hand to the plough   to begin or undertake a task  
6    to till (the soil) with a plough  
7    to make (furrows or grooves) in (something) with or as if with a plough  
8    when intr, usually foll by: through   to move (through something) in the manner of a plough  
the ship ploughed the water     
9    intr; foll by: through   to work at slowly or perseveringly  
10    intr; foll by: into or through   (of a vehicle) to run uncontrollably into something in its path  
the plane ploughed into the cottage roof     
11    tr; foll by: in, up, under, etc.   to turn over (a growing crop, manure, etc.) into the earth with a plough  
12    intr     (Brit)  
slang   to fail an examination  
     (Old English plog plough land; related to Old Norse plogr, Old High German pfluoc)  
  plougher     (esp. U.S.)  
  plower      n  

disc plough  
      n   a plough that cuts by means of revolving steel discs  
gang plough  
      n   a plough having two or more shares, coulters, and mouldboards designed to work simultaneously  
      n   the. the group of the seven brightest stars in the constellation Ursa Major,   (Also called)    Charless Wain     (Usual U.S. name)    the Big Dipper  
plough back  
      vb   tr, adv   to reinvest (the profits of a business) in the same business  
Plough Monday  
      n   the first Monday after Epiphany, which in N and E England used to be celebrated with a procession of ploughmen drawing a plough from house to house  
rotary plough   , tiller  
      n   an implement with a series of blades mounted on a power-driven shaft, used to break up soil or weeds  
stump-jump plough  
      n     (Austral)   a plough designed for use on land not cleared of stumps  

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1    break ground, cultivate, dig, furrow, ridge, till, turn over  
2      (usually with)       through   cut, drive, flounder, forge, plod, plunge, press, push, stagger, surge, wade  
3      (with)       into   bulldoze, career, crash, hurtle, plunge, shove, smash  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
adopt a detached attitude; relax
a lot; very much; in a great quantity; endlessly
[Fig.] E.g. love someone to the moon and back=love someone very much
(colloquially) tattoo on the lower back
jump into
acronym for Let Me Know, as to ask the other party to get back to you
Peeling the onion means going back in stages find out how a problem actually started.
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