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plate armour


      n   armour made of thin metal plates, which superseded mail during the 14th century  
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a    a shallow usually circular dish made of porcelain, earthenware, glass, etc., on which food is served or from which food is eaten  
b    (as modifier)  
a plate rack     
a      (Also called)    plateful   the contents of a plate or the amount a plate will hold  
b      (Austral. and N.Z.)   a plate of cakes, sandwiches, etc., brought by a guest to a party  
everyone was asked to bring a plate     
3    an entire course of a meal  
a cold plate     
4    any shallow or flat receptacle, esp. for receiving a collection in church  
5    flat metal of uniform thickness obtained by rolling, usually having a thickness greater than about three millimetres  
6    a thin coating of metal usually on another metal, as produced by electrodeposition, chemical action, etc.  
7    metal or metalware that has been coated in this way, esp. with gold or silver  
Sheffield plate     
8    dishes, cutlery, etc., made of gold or silver  
9    a sheet of metal, plastic, rubber, etc., having a printing surface produced by a process such as stereotyping, moulding, or photographic deposition  
10    a print taken from such a sheet or from a woodcut, esp. when appearing in a book  
11    a thin flat sheet of a substance, such as metal or glass  
12    armour made of overlapping or articulated pieces of thin metal  
13      (Photog)  
a    a sheet of glass, or sometimes metal, coated with photographic emulsion on which an image can be formed by exposure to light  
b    (as modifier)  
a plate camera     
14    an orthodontic device, esp. one used for straightening children's teeth  
15       an informal word for       denture       1  
16      (Anatomy)   any flat platelike structure or part  
a    a cup or trophy awarded to the winner of a sporting contest, esp. a horse race  
b    a race or contest for such a prize  
18    any of the rigid layers of the earth's lithosphere of which there are believed to be at least 15  
   See also       plate tectonics  
19      (Electronics)  
a      (Chiefly U.S.)   the anode in an electronic valve  
b    an electrode in an accumulator or capacitor  
20    a horizontal timber joist that supports rafters or studs  
21    a light horseshoe for flat racing  
22    a thin cut of beef from the brisket  
23       See       plate rail  
24      (Also called)    Communion plate     (R.C. Church)   a flat plate held under the chin of a communicant in order to catch any fragments of the consecrated Host  
25    Archaic   a coin, esp. one made of silver  
26    on a plate   in such a way as to be acquired without further trouble  
he was handed the job on a plate     
27    on one's plate   waiting to be done or dealt with  
he has a lot on his plate at the moment     
      vb   tr  
28    to coat (a surface, usually metal) with a thin layer of other metal by electrolysis, chemical reaction, etc.  
29    to cover with metal plates, as for protection  
30      (Printing)   to make a stereotype or electrotype from (type or another plate)  
31    to form (metal) into plate, esp. by rolling  
32    to give a glossy finish to (paper) by calendering  
33    to grow (microorganisms) in a culture medium  
     (C13: from Old French: thin metal sheet, something flat, from Vulgar Latin plattus (unattested); related to Greek platus flat)  

angle plate  
      n   a steel structural plate, esp. one in the shape of a right-angled triangle, used to connect structural members and stiffen frameworks  
armour plate  
      n   a tough heavy steel, usually containing chromium, nickel, and molybdenum and often hardened on the surface, used for protecting warships, tanks, etc.  
batten plate  
      n   (in structural design) a horizontal rectangular plate that is used to connect pairs of steel sections by being riveted or welded across them to form a composite section  
butt plate  
      n   a plate made usually of metal and attached to the butt end of a gunstock  
echo plate  
      n   (in sound recording or broadcasting) an electromechanical device for producing echo and reverbation effects  
fashion plate  
1    an illustration of the latest fashion in dress  
2    a fashionably dressed person  
futtock plate  
      n     (Nautical)   a horizontal metal disc fixed at the top of a lower mast for holding the futtock shrouds  
glacis plate  
1    the frontal plate armour on a tank  
2    a section of armour plate shielding an opening on a naval vessel  
      vb   tr   to coat (other metal) with gold, usually by electroplating  
gold plate  
1    a thin coating of gold, usually produced by electroplating  
2    vessels or utensils made of gold  
ground plate  
      n   a joist forming the lowest member of a timber frame,   (Also called)    groundsill, soleplate  
      n     (Photog)   a size of plate measuring 6½x4¼ inches  
home plate  
      n     (Baseball)   a flat often five-sided piece of hard rubber or other material that serves to define the area over which the pitcher must throw the ball for a strike and that a base runner must safely reach on his way from third base to score a run,   (Also called)    plate, home, home base  
license plate   ,   (Canadian)   licence plate  
      n      the U.S. and Canadian term for       numberplate  
      n     (Brit)   a white rectangle with an ``L'' sign fixed to the back and front of a motor vehicle; a red ``L'' sign is used to show that a driver using it is a learner who has not passed the driving test; a green ``L'' sign may be displayed by new drivers for up to a year after passing the driving test  
nickel plate  
      n   a thin layer of nickel deposited on a surface, usually by electrolysis  
      n      River. the English name for the (Río de la)       Plata  
plate armour  
      n   armour made of thin metal plates, which superseded mail during the 14th century  
plate glass  
      n   glass formed into a thin sheet by rolling, used for windows  
plate rail  
      n     (Railways)   an early flat rail with an extended flange on its outer edge to retain wheels on the track,   (Sometimes shortened to)    plate  
plate tectonics  
      n   functioning as sing     (Geology)   the study of the structure of the earth's crust with reference to the theory that the earth's lithosphere is divided into large rigid blocks (plates) that are floating on semimolten rock and are thus able to interact with each other at their boundaries, and to the associated theories of continental drift and seafloor spreading  
quarter plate  
      n   a photographic plate measuring 3¼x4¼ inches (8.3x10.8 cm)  
registration plate  
      n      the Austral. and N.Z. name for       numberplate  
screw plate  
      n   a steel plate with threaded holes used for making male screws  
silver plate  
1    a thin layer of silver deposited on a base metal  
2    articles, esp. tableware, made of silver plate  
3    tr   to coat (a metal, object, etc.) with silver, as by electroplating  
soup plate  
      n   a deep plate with a wide rim, used esp. for drinking soup  
surface plate  
      n      another name for       faceplate       2  
swash plate  
      n     (Engineering)   a collar or face plate on a shaft that is inclined at an oblique angle to the axis of rotation and either imparts reciprocating motion to push rods parallel to the shaft axis as in a swash plate pump or, conversely, converts reciprocating motion to rotation as in a swash plate motor,   (Also called)    wobble plate  
     (from swash (obsolete n) an oblique figure or ornament, from aswash: see swash letter)  
      n      a variant spelling of       T-plate  
tin plate  
1    thin steel sheet coated with a layer of tin that protects the steel from corrosion  
2    tr   to coat (a metal or object) with a layer of tin, usually either by electroplating or by dipping in a bath of molten tin  
  tin-plater      n  
      n   a metal plate shaped like a T used to strengthen or effect a right-angled joint between two beams, etc.  
trade plate  
      n   a numberplate attached temporarily to a vehicle by a dealer, etc., before the vehicle has been registered  
wall plate  
      n   a horizontal timber member placed along the top of a wall to support the ends of joists, rafters, etc., and distribute the load  
wobble plate  
      n      another name for       swash plate  

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1    dish, platter, trencher     (archaic)  
2    course, dish, helping, portion, serving  
3    layer, panel, sheet, slab  
4    illustration, lithograph, print  
5    anodize, coat, cover, electroplate, face, gild, laminate, nickel, overlay, platinize, silver  

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