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, plasm  
1    the clear yellowish fluid portion of blood or lymph in which the corpuscles and cells are suspended  
2       short for       blood plasma  
3       a former name for       protoplasm       cytoplasm  
4      (Physics)  
a    a hot ionized material consisting of nuclei and electrons. It is sometimes regarded as a fourth state of matter and is the material present in the sun, most stars, and fusion reactors  
b    the ionized gas in an electric discharge or spark, containing positive ions and electrons and a small number of negative ions together with un-ionized material  
5    a green slightly translucent variety of chalcedony, used as a gemstone  
6       a less common term for       whey  
     (C18: from Late Latin: something moulded, from Greek, from plassein to mould)  
  plasmic      adj  

blood plasma  
1    the pale yellow fluid portion of the blood; blood from which blood cells and platelets have been removed  
2    a sterilized preparation of this fluid for use in transfusions  
plasma engine  
      n   an engine that generates thrust by reaction to the emission of a jet of plasma  
plasma torch  
      n   an electrical device for converting a gas into a plasma, used for melting metal  
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