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1    an ornamental or commemorative inscribed tablet or plate of porcelain, wood, etc.  
2    a small flat brooch or badge, as of a club, etc.  
3      (Pathol)   any small abnormal patch on or within the body, such as the typical lesion of psoriasis  
4       short for       dental plaque  
5      (Bacteriol)   a clear area within a bacterial or tissue culture caused by localized destruction of the cells by a bacteriophage or other virus  
     (C19: from French, from plaquier to plate, from Middle Dutch placken to beat (metal) into a thin plate)  

bacterial plaque  
      n      another term for       dental plaque  
dental plaque  
      n   a filmy deposit on the surface of a tooth consisting of a mixture of mucus, bacteria, food, etc.,   (Also called)    bacterial plaque  
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badge, brooch, cartouch(e), medal, medallion, panel, plate, slab, tablet  

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