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      n   pl   , -bos, -boes  
1      (Med)   an inactive substance or other sham form of therapy administered to a patient usually to compare its effects with those of a real drug or treatment, but sometimes for the psychological benefit to the patient through his believing he is receiving treatment  
   See also       control group       placebo effect  
2    something said or done to please or humour another  
3      (R.C. Church)   a traditional name for the vespers of the office for the dead  
     (C13 (in the ecclesiastical sense): from Latin Placebo Domino I shall please the Lord (from the opening of the office for the dead); C19 (in the medical sense))  

placebo effect  
      n     (Med)   a positive therapeutic effect claimed by a patient after receiving a placebo believed by him to be an active drug  
   See       control group  
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