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1    a short shaft or pin supporting something that turns; fulcrum  
2    the end of a shaft or arbor that terminates in a bearing  
3    a person or thing upon which progress, success, etc., depends  
4    the person or position from which a military formation takes its reference, as when altering position  
5    tr   to mount on or provide with a pivot or pivots  
6    intr   to turn on or as if on a pivot  
     (C17: from Old French; perhaps related to Old Provençal pua tooth of a comb)  

pivot bridge  
      n      another name for       swing bridge  
pivot grammar  
      n     (Psychol)   a loose grammar said to govern two-word utterances by children  
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1    axis, axle, fulcrum, spindle, swivel  
2    centre, focal point, heart, hinge, hub, kingpin  
3    revolve, rotate, spin, swivel, turn, twirl  
4    be contingent, depend, hang, hinge, rely, revolve round, turn  

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