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      pl n  
Slang   the. the worst possible person, place, or thing  
     (C20: perhaps shortened from armpits)  
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pit          [1]  
1    a large, usually deep opening in the ground  
a    a mine or excavation with a shaft, esp. for coal  
b    the shaft in a mine  
c    (as modifier)  
pit pony, pit prop     
3    a concealed danger or difficulty  
4    the pit   hell  
5      (Also called)    orchestra pit   the area that is occupied by the orchestra in a theatre, located in front of the stage  
6    an enclosure for fighting animals or birds, esp. gamecocks  
7      (Anatomy)  
a    a small natural depression on the surface of a body, organ, structure, or part; fossa  
b    the floor of any natural bodily cavity  
the pit of the stomach     
8      (Pathol)   a small indented scar at the site of a former pustule; pockmark  
9    any of various small areas in a plant cell wall that remain unthickened when the rest of the cell becomes lignified  
10    a working area at the side of a motor-racing track for servicing or refuelling vehicles  
11    a section on the floor of a commodity exchange devoted to a special line of trading  
12    a rowdy card game in which players bid for commodities  
13    an area of sand or other soft material at the end of a long-jump approach, behind the bar of a pole vault, etc., on which an athlete may land safely  
14    the ground floor of the auditorium of a theatre  
15      (Brit)      a slang word for       bed       1       bedroom       1  
16       another word for       pitfall       2  
      vb   , pits, pitting, pitted  
17    tr; often foll by: against   to match in opposition, esp. as antagonists  
18    to mark or become marked with pits  
19    tr   to place or bury in a pit,   (See also)        pits  
     (Old English pytt, from Latin puteus; compare Old French pet, Old High German pfuzzi)  

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1    abyss, cavity, chasm, coal mine, crater, dent, depression, dimple, excavation, gulf, hole, hollow, indentation, mine, pockmark, pothole, trench  
2      (often with)       against   match, oppose, put in opposition, set against  
3    dent, dint, gouge, hole, indent, mark, nick, notch, pockmark, scar  

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