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      n   a close-textured fabric of cotton, silk, or spun rayon woven with lengthwise ribs  
     (C19: from French piqué pricked, from piquer to prick)  


1    a feeling of resentment or irritation, as from having one's pride wounded  
      vb   , piques, piquing, piqued   tr  
2    to cause to feel resentment or irritation  
3    to excite or arouse  
4    foll by: on or upon   to pride or congratulate (oneself)  
     (C16: from French, from piquer to prick, sting; see pick1)  
pique   [2]     (Piquet)  
1    a score of 30 points made by a player from a combination of cards held before play begins and from play while his opponent's score is nil  
2    to score a pique (against)  
     (C17: from French pic, of uncertain origin)  
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1    annoyance, displeasure, huff, hurt feelings, irritation, miff     (informal)   offence, resentment, umbrage, vexation, wounded pride  
2    affront, annoy, displease, gall, get     (informal)   incense, irk, irritate, miff     (informal)   mortify, nark     (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. slang)   nettle, offend, peeve     (informal)   provoke, put out, put someone's nose out of joint     (informal)   rile, sting, vex, wound  
3    arouse, excite, galvanize, goad, kindle, provoke, rouse, spur, stimulate, stir, whet  
4      (with)       on or upon     (of oneself)   congratulate, flatter, plume, preen, pride  

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