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1    pipes collectively, esp. pipes formed into a connected system, as in the plumbing of a house  
2    a cord of icing, whipped cream, etc., often used to decorate desserts and cakes  
3    a thin strip of covered cord or material, used to edge hems, etc.  
4    the sound of a pipe or a set of bagpipes  
5    the art or technique of playing a pipe or bagpipes  
6    a shrill voice or sound, esp. a whistling sound  
7    making a shrill sound  
8    Archaic   relating to the pipe (associated with peace), as opposed to martial instruments, such as the fife or trumpet  
9    piping hot   extremely hot  

      n     (Transformational grammar)   the principle that a noun phrase may take with it the rest of a prepositional phrase or a larger noun phrase in which it is contained, when moved in a transformation. For example, when the interrogative pronoun is moved to initial position, other words are moved too, as in to whom did you speak?  
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