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1    the highest point or level, esp. of fame, success, etc.  
2    a towering peak, as of a mountain  
3    a slender upright structure in the form of a cone, pyramid, or spire on the top of a buttress, gable, or tower  
      vb   tr  
4    to set on or as if on a pinnacle  
5    to furnish with a pinnacle or pinnacles  
6    to crown with a pinnacle  
     (C14: via Old French from Late Latin pinnaculum a peak, from Latin pinna wing)  
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1    acme, apex, apogee, crest, crown, eminence, height, meridian, peak, summit, top, vertex, zenith  
2    belfry, cone, needle, obelisk, pyramid, spire, steeple  

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