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1    to press (something, esp. flesh) tightly between two surfaces, esp. between a finger and the thumb (see nip1)  
2    to confine, squeeze, or painfully press (toes, fingers, etc.) because of lack of space  
these shoes pinch     
3    tr   to cause stinging pain to  
the cold pinched his face     
4    tr   to make thin or drawn-looking, as from grief, lack of food, etc.  
5    usually foll by: on   to provide (oneself or another person) with meagre allowances, amounts, etc.  
6    pinch pennies   to live frugally because of meanness or to economize  
7    tr     (Nautical)   to sail (a sailing vessel) so close to the wind that her sails begin to luff and she loses way  
8    intr; sometimes foll by: out   (of a vein of ore) to narrow or peter out  
9    usually foll by: off, out, or back   to remove the tips of (buds, shoots, etc.) to correct or encourage growth  
10    tr  
Informal   to steal or take without asking  
11    tr  
Informal   to arrest  
12    a squeeze or sustained nip  
13    the quantity of a substance, such as salt, that can be taken between a thumb and finger  
14    a very small quantity  
15    a critical situation; predicament; emergency  
if it comes to the pinch we'll have to manage     
16    usually preceded by: the   sharp, painful, or extreme stress, need, etc.  
feeling the pinch of poverty     
17       See       pinch bar  
18    Slang   a robbery  
19    Slang   a police raid or arrest  
20    at a pinch   if absolutely necessary  
21    with a pinch or grain of salt   without wholly believing; sceptically  
     (C16: probably from Old Norman French pinchier (unattested); related to Old French pincier to pinch; compare Late Latin punctiare to prick)  

pinch bar  
      n   a crowbar with a lug formed on it to provide a fulcrum  
pinch effect  
      n   the constriction of a beam of charged particles, caused by a force on each particle due to its motion in the magnetic field generated by the movement of the other particles  
      vb   , -hits, -hitting, -hit   intr  
1      (Baseball)   to bat as a substitute for the scheduled batter  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   to act as a substitute  
  pinch hitter      n  
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1    compress, grasp, nip, press, squeeze, tweak  
2    chafe, confine, cramp, crush, hurt, pain  
3    afflict, be stingy, distress, economize, oppress, pinch pennies, press, scrimp, skimp, spare, stint, tighten one's belt  
4      (informal)   blag     (slang)   cabbage     (Brit. slang)   filch, knock off     (slang)   lift     (informal)   nick     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   pilfer, purloin, rob, snaffle     (Brit. informal)   snatch, snitch     (slang)   steal, swipe     (slang)  
5      (informal)   apprehend, arrest, bust     (informal)   collar     (informal)   do     (slang)   feel one's collar     (slang)   lift     (slang)   nab     (informal)   nail     (informal)   nick     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   pick up     (slang)   pull in     (Brit. slang)   run in     (slang)   take into custody  
6    nip, squeeze, tweak  
7    bit, dash, jot, mite, small quantity, soupçon, speck, taste  
8    crisis, difficulty, emergency, exigency, hardship, necessity, oppression, pass, plight, predicament, pressure, strait, stress  
3    be extravagant, blow     (slang)   fritter away, spend like water, squander, waste  
5    free, let go, let out, release, set free  

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