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pin joint


      n   a mechanical joint that will transmit axial load but will not transmit torque  
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1    a junction of two or more parts or objects  
2    the part or space between two such junctions  
3      (Anatomy)   the junction between two or more bones, usually formed of connective tissue and cartilage  
4    the point of connection between movable parts in invertebrates, esp. insects and other arthropods  
   Related adj       articular  
5    the part of a plant stem from which a branch or leaf grows  
6    one of the parts into which a carcass of meat is cut by the butcher, esp. for roasting  
7      (Geology)   a crack in a rock along which no displacement has occurred  
8    Slang  
a    a disreputable establishment, such as a bar or nightclub  
b    Often facetious   a dwelling or meeting place  
9    Slang   a cannabis cigarette  
10    out of joint  
a    dislocated  
b    out of order or disorganized  
11    put someone's nose out of joint      See       nose       18  
12    shared by or belonging to two or more  
joint property     
13    created by combined effort  
14    sharing with others or with one another  
joint rulers     
15      (Law)   (of persons) combined in ownership or obligation; regarded as a single entity in law  
      vb   tr  
16    to provide with or fasten by a joint or joints  
17    to plane the edge of (a board, etc.) into the correct shape for a joint  
18    to cut or divide (meat, fowl, etc.) into joints or at a joint  
  jointly      adv  

ball-and-socket joint  
1    a coupling between two rods, tubes, etc., that consists of a spherical part fitting into a spherical socket, allowing free movement and rotation  
2      (Also called)    multiaxial joint     (Anatomy)   a bony joint, such as the hip joint, in which a rounded head fits into a rounded cavity, allowing a wide range of movement  
butt joint  
      n   a joint between two plates, planks, bars, sections, etc., when the components are butted together and do not overlap or interlock. The joint may be strapped with jointing plates laid across it or welded (butt weld),   (Sometimes shortened to)    butt  
cardan joint  
      n     (Engineering)   a type of universal joint in a shaft that enables it to rotate when out of alignment  
     (C20: named after Geronimo Cardan (1501--76), Italian mathematician)  
clip joint  
Slang   a place, such as a nightclub or restaurant, in which customers are overcharged  
degenerative joint disease  
      n      another name for       osteoarthritis  
expansion joint  
      n     (Engineering)   a gap in steel or concrete to allow for thermal expansion  
false joint  
      n      a nontechnical name for       pseudoarthrosis  
fish joint  
      n   a connection formed by fishplates at the meeting point of two rails, beams, etc., as on a railway  
hip joint  
      n   the ball-and-socket joint that connects each leg to the trunk of the body, in which the head of the femur articulates with the socket (acetabulum) of the pelvis  
joint account  
      n   a bank account registered in the name of two or more persons, any of whom may make deposits and withdrawals  
joint consultation  
      n   a formal system of communication between the management of an organization and the employees' representatives used prior to taking decisions affecting the workforce, usually effected through a joint consultative committee  
joint density function  
      n     (Statistics)   a function of two or more random variables from which can be obtained a single probability that all the variables in the function will take specified values or fall within specified intervals  
joint resolution  
      n     (U.S)   a resolution passed by both houses of a bicameral legislature, signed by the chief executive and legally binding  
joint stock  
      n   capital funds held in common and usually divided into shares between the owners  
joint-stock company  
1      (Brit)   a business enterprise characterized by its separate legal existence and the sharing of ownership between shareholders, whose liability is limited  
2      (U.S.)   a business enterprise whose owners are issued shares of transferable stock but do not enjoy limited liability  
knuckle joint  
1    any of the joints of the fingers  
2      (Mechanical engineering)   a hinged joint between two rods, often a ball and socket joint  
lap joint  
      n   a joint made by placing one member over another and fastening them together,   (Also called)    lapped joint  
  lap-jointed      adj  
mitre joint  
      n   a corner joint formed between two pieces of material, esp. wood, by cutting bevels of equal angles at the ends of each piece,   (Sometimes shortened to)    mitre  
pin joint  
      n   a mechanical joint that will transmit axial load but will not transmit torque  
straight joint  
      n   a vertical joint in brickwork that is directly above a vertical joint in the course below  
      n      a variant spelling of       T-joint  
      n   a right-angled joint, esp. one in wood, making the shape of the letter T  
toggle joint  
      n   a device consisting of two arms pivoted at a common joint and at their outer ends and used to apply pressure by straightening the angle between the two arms  
tongue-and-groove joint  
      n   a joint made between two boards by means of a tongue along the edge of one board that fits into a groove along the edge of the other board  
universal joint   , coupling  
      n   a form of coupling between two rotating shafts allowing freedom of movement in all directions  

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1    articulation, connection, hinge, intersection, junction, juncture, knot, nexus, node, seam, union  
2    collective, combined, communal, concerted, consolidated, cooperative, joined, mutual, shared, united  
3    connect, couple, fasten, fit, join, unite  
4    carve, cut up, dismember, dissect, divide, segment, sever, sunder  

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technique used for smoking a marijuana joint in two, consisting in one person inhaling the smoke exhaled by the other one
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