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pilot study


      n   a small-scale experiment or set of observations undertaken to decide how and whether to launch a full-scale project  
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a    a person who is qualified to operate an aircraft or spacecraft in flight  
b    (as modifier)  
pilot error     
a    a person who is qualified to steer or guide a ship into or out of a port, river mouth, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a pilot ship     
3    a person who steers a ship  
4    a person who acts as a leader or guide  
5      (Machinery)   a guide, often consisting of a tongue or dowel, used to assist in joining two mating parts together  
6      (Machinery)   a plug gauge for measuring an internal diameter  
7      (Films)   a colour test strip accompanying black-and-white rushes from colour originals  
8    an experimental programme on radio or television  
9       See       pilot film  
10    modifier   used in or serving as a test or trial  
a pilot project     
11    modifier   serving as a guide  
a pilot beacon     
      vb   tr  
12    to act as pilot of  
13    to control the course of  
14    to guide or lead (a project, people, etc.)  
     (C16: from French pilote, from Medieval Latin pilotus, ultimately from Greek pedon oar; related to Greek pous foot)  

automatic pilot  
1      (Also called)    autopilot   a device that automatically maintains an aircraft on a preset course  
2    on automatic pilot  
Informal   acting without conscious thought because of tiredness, shock, or familiarity with the task being performed  
pilot balloon  
      n   a meteorological balloon used to observe air currents  
pilot bird  
      n   a warbler of forest floors in SE Australia, Pycnoptilus floccosus, named from its alleged habit of accompanying the superb lyrebird  
pilot biscuit  
      n      another term for       hardtack  
pilot cloth  
      n   a type of thick blue cloth used esp. to make sailor's coats  
pilot engine  
      n   a locomotive that leads one or more other locomotives at the head of a train of coaches or wagons  
pilot film  
      n   a film of short duration serving as a guide to a projected series  
pilot fish  
1    a small carangid fish, Naucrates ductor, of tropical and subtropical seas, marked with dark vertical bands: often accompanies sharks and other large fishes  
2    any of various similar or related fishes  
pilot house  
      n     (Nautical)   an enclosed structure on the bridge of a vessel from which it can be navigated; wheelhouse  
pilot lamp  
      n   a small light in an electric circuit or device that lights up when the circuit is closed or when certain conditions prevail  
pilot light  
1    a small auxiliary flame that ignites the main burner of a gas appliance when the control valve opens  
2    a small electric light used as an indicator  
pilot officer  
      n   the most junior commissioned rank in the British Royal Air Force and in certain other air forces  
pilot plant  
      n   a small-scale industrial plant in which problems can be identified and solved before the full-scale plant is built  
pilot study  
      n   a small-scale experiment or set of observations undertaken to decide how and whether to launch a full-scale project  
pilot whale  
      n   any of several black toothed whales of the genus Globicephala, such as G. melaena, that occur in all seas except polar seas: family Delphinidae,   (Also called)    black whale, blackfish  
sky pilot  
Slang   a chaplain in one of the military services  
test pilot  
      n   a pilot who flies aircraft of new design to test their performance in the air  

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      n   airman, aviator, captain, conductor, coxswain, director, flyer, guide, helmsman, leader, navigator, steersman  
      vb   conduct, control, direct, drive, fly, guide, handle, lead, manage, navigate, operate, shepherd, steer  
      adj   experimental, model, test, trial  

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! pilot study report n.
отчет об экспериментальном исследовании

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
the study of human action and conduct
1. [Mil.] a pilot who comes in support of the leading aircraft. He is positionned besides and slightly behind the leading aircraft. 2. [Fig.] a person who helps a friend to approach potential partners
2. this meaning has been popularised by the TV series How I Met Your Mother
1. the art of public speaking in which gesture, vocal production, and delivery are emphasized 2.the study of formal speaking in pronunciation, grammar, style, and tone.
a field of study searching for ways to prevent global warming by deliberately changing Earth's natural system
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