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1    often pl   vegetables, such as cauliflowers, onions, etc., preserved in vinegar, brine, etc.  
2    any food preserved in this way  
3    a liquid or marinade, such as spiced vinegar, for preserving vegetables, meat, fish, etc.  
4      (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a cucumber that has been preserved and flavoured in a pickling solution, such as brine or vinegar  
5    Informal   an awkward or difficult situation  
to be in a pickle     
6      (Brit)  
informal   a mischievous child  
      vb   tr  
7    to preserve in a pickling liquid  
8    to immerse (a metallic object) in a liquid, such as an acid, to remove surface scale  
     (C14: perhaps from Middle Dutch pekel; related to German Pökel brine)  
  pickler      n  

dill pickle  
      n   a pickled cucumber flavoured with dill  
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1      (informal)   bind     (informal)   difficulty, dilemma, fix     (informal)   hot water     (informal)   jam     (informal)   predicament, quandary, scrape     (informal)   spot     (informal)   tight spot  
2      (Brit. informal)   little horror, mischief, mischief maker, monkey, naughty child, rascal  
3    cure, keep, marinade, preserve, steep  

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