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1    a pointed stake, post, or peg that is driven into the ground to support a fence, provide a marker for surveying, etc.  
2    an individual or group that stands outside an establishment to make a protest, to dissuade or prevent employees or clients from entering, etc.  
3      (Also)    picquet   a small detachment of troops or warships positioned towards the enemy to give early warning of attack  
4    to post or serve as pickets at (a factory, embassy, etc.)  
let's go and picket the shop     
5    to guard (a main body or place) by using or acting as a picket  
6    tr   to fasten (a horse or other animal) to a picket  
7    tr   to fence (an area, boundary, etc.) with pickets  
     (C18: from French piquet, from Old French piquer to prick; see pike2)  
  picketer      n  

flying picket  
      n   (in industrial disputes) a member of a group of pickets organized to be able to move quickly from place to place  
picket fence  
      n   a fence consisting of pickets supported at close regular intervals by being driven into the ground, by interlacing with strong wire, or by nailing to horizontal timbers fixed to posts in the ground  
picket line  
      n   a line of people acting as pickets  
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1    pale, paling, palisade, peg, post, stake, stanchion, upright  
2    demonstrator, flying picket, picketer, protester  
3    guard, lookout, patrol, scout, sentinel, sentry, spotter, vedette     (Military)   watch  
4    blockade, boycott, demonstrate  
5    corral     (U.S.)   enclose, fence, hedge in, palisade, pen in, rail in, shut in, wall in  

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