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1      (Also called)    pick-up arm, tone arm   the light balanced arm of a record player that carries the wires from the cartridge to the preamplifier  
2    an electromagnetic transducer that converts the vibrations of the steel strings of an electric guitar or other amplified instrument into electric signals  
3       another name for       cartridge       3  
4      (Also called)    pick-up truck   a small truck with an open body and low sides, used for light deliveries  
5    Informal     (chiefly U.S.)   an ability to accelerate rapidly  
this car has good pick-up     
6    Informal   a casual acquaintance, usually one made with sexual intentions  
7    Informal  
a    a stop to collect passengers, goods, etc.  
b    the people or things collected  
8    Slang   a free ride in a motor vehicle  
9    Informal   an improvement  
10    Slang   a pick-me-up  
11      (U.S. and Canadian)   organized, arranged, or assembled hastily and without planning  
a pick-up band, pick-up games     
  pick up   adv  
12    tr   to gather up in the hand or hands  
13    tr   to acquire, obtain, or purchase casually, incidentally, etc.  
14    tr   to catch (a disease)  
she picked up a bad cold during the weekend     
15    intr   to improve in health, condition, activity, etc.  
the market began to pick up     
16    reflexive   to raise (oneself) after a fall or setback  
17    tr   to notice or sense  
she picked up a change in his attitude     
18    to resume where one left off; return to  
we'll pick up after lunch, they picked up the discussion     
19    tr   to learn gradually or as one goes along  
20    tr   to take responsibility for paying (a bill)  
he picked up the bill for dinner     
21    tr  
Informal   to reprimand  
he picked her up on her table manners     
22    tr   to collect or give a lift to (passengers, hitchhikers, goods, etc.)  
23    tr  
Informal   to become acquainted with, esp. with a view to having sexual relations  
24    tr  
Informal   to arrest  
25    to increase (speed)  
the cars picked up down the straight     
26    tr   to receive (electrical signals, a radio signal, sounds, etc.), as for transmission or amplification  
27    pick up the pieces   to restore a situation to normality after a crisis or collapse  
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1    acceleration, response, revving     (informal)   speed-up  
2    change for the better, gain, improvement, rally, recovery, revival, rise, strengthening, upswing, upturn  

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