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1    to choose (something) deliberately or carefully, from or as if from a group or number; select  
2    to pluck or gather (fruit, berries, or crops) from (a tree, bush, field, etc.)  
to pick hops, to pick a whole bush     
3    tr   to clean or prepare (fruit, poultry, etc.) by removing the indigestible parts  
4    tr   to remove loose particles from (the teeth, the nose, etc.)  
5    (esp. of birds) to nibble or gather (corn, etc.)  
6    tr   to pierce, dig, or break up (a hard surface) with a pick  
7    tr   to form (a hole) in this way  
8    when intr, foll by: at   to nibble (at) fussily or without appetite  
9    to separate (strands, fibres, etc.), as in weaving  
10    tr   to provoke (an argument, fight, etc.) deliberately  
11    tr   to steal (money or valuables) from (a person's pocket)  
12    tr   to open (a lock) with an instrument other than a key  
13    to pluck the strings of (a guitar, banjo, etc.)  
14    tr   to make (one's way) carefully on foot  
they picked their way through the rubble     
15    pick and choose   to select fastidiously, fussily, etc.  
16    pick someone's brains   to obtain information or ideas from someone  
17    freedom or right of selection (esp. in the phrase take one's pick)  
18    a person, thing, etc., that is chosen first or preferred  
the pick of the bunch     
19    the act of picking  
20    the amount of a crop picked at one period or from one area  
21      (Printing)   a speck of dirt or paper fibre or a blob of ink on the surface of set type or a printing plate,   (See also)        pick at       pick off       pick on       pick out       pick-up  
     (C15: from earlier piken to pick, influenced by French piquer to pierce; compare Middle Low German picken, Dutch pikken)  
  pickable      adj  
English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus  
pick          [2]  
1    a tool with a handle carrying a long steel head curved and tapering to a point at one or both ends, used for loosening soil, breaking rocks, etc.  
2    any of various tools used for picking, such as an ice pick or toothpick  
3    a plectrum  
     (C14: perhaps variant of pike2)  

English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus  

pick          [3]     (in weaving)  
1    tr   to cast (a shuttle)  
2    one casting of a shuttle  
3    a weft or filling thread  
     (C14: variant of pitch1)  

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1    cherry-pick, choose, decide upon, elect, fix upon, hand-pick, mark out, opt for, select, settle upon, sift out, single out, sort out  
2    collect, cull, cut, gather, harvest, pluck, pull  
3    have no appetite, nibble, peck at, play or toy with, push the food round the plate  
4    foment, incite, instigate, provoke, start  
5    break into, break open, crack, force, jemmy, open, prise open  
6    pick one's way      be tentative, find or make one's way, move cautiously, tread carefully, work through  
7    choice, choosing, decision, option, preference, selection  
8    choicest, crème de la crème, elect, elite, flower, pride, prize, the best, the cream, the tops     (slang)  
1    cast aside, decline, discard, dismiss, reject, spurn, turn down  

pick at     
carp, cavil, criticize, find fault, get at, nag, pick holes, pick to pieces, quibble  
bracer     (informal)   drink, pick-up     (slang)   refreshment, restorative, roborant, shot in the arm     (informal)   stimulant, tonic  
pick on     
badger, bait, blame, bully, goad, hector, tease, torment  
pick out  
1    choose, cull, hand-pick, select, separate the sheep from the goats, single out, sort out  
2    discriminate, distinguish, identify, make distinct, make out, notice, perceive, recognize, tell apart  
1    acceleration, response, revving     (informal)   speed-up  
2    change for the better, gain, improvement, rally, recovery, revival, rise, strengthening, upswing, upturn  
pick up  
1    gather, grasp, hoist, lift, raise, take up, uplift  
2    buy, come across, find, garner, happen upon, obtain, purchase, score     (slang)  
3    be on the mend, gain, gain ground, get better, improve, make a comeback     (informal)   mend, perk up, rally, recover, take a turn for the better, turn the corner  
4    call for, collect, get, give someone a lift, go to get, uplift     (Scot.)  
5    acquire, get the hang of     (informal)   learn, master  
6      (slang)   apprehend, arrest, bust     (informal)   collar     (informal)   do     (slang)   feel one's collar     (slang)   lift     (slang)   nab     (informal)   nail     (informal)   nick     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   pinch     (informal)   pull in     (Brit. slang)   run in     (slang)   take into custody  

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Pick up artist n.
a person, generally a man, dedicated to improving his skills in attracting and seducing the other sex
Other spelling : Pickup artist The use of "pick up" in this context comes from American slang and means becoming acquainted with, esp. with a view to having sexual relations

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See also the Dictionary under Artist , on "con artist", "piss artist"

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