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, philosophic  
1    of or relating to philosophy or philosophers  
2    reasonable, wise, or learned  
3    calm and stoical, esp. in the face of difficulties or disappointments  
4    (formerly) of or relating to science or natural philosophy  
  philosophically      adv  
  philosophicalness      n  

philosophical logic  
      n   the branch of philosophy that studies the relationship between formal logic and ordinary language, esp. the extent to which the former can be held accurately to represent the latter  
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, philosophic  
1    abstract, erudite, learned, logical, rational, sagacious, theoretical, thoughtful, wise  
2    calm, collected, composed, cool, impassive, imperturbable, patient, resigned, sedate, serene, stoical, tranquil, unruffled  
1    factual, illogical, irrational, practical, pragmatic, scientific  
2    emotional, hot-headed, impulsive, perturbed, rash, restless, upset  

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