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1    any distinct or characteristic period or stage in a sequence of events or chain of development  
there were two phases to the resolution, his immaturity was a passing phase     
2      (Astronomy)   one of the recurring shapes of the portion of the moon or an inferior planet illuminated by the sun  
the new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter are the four principal phases of the moon     
3      (Physics)  
a    the fraction of a cycle of a periodic quantity that has been completed at a specific reference time, expressed as an angle  
b    (as modifier)  
a phase shift     
4      (Physics)   a particular stage in a periodic process or phenomenon  
5    in phase   (of two waveforms) reaching corresponding phases at the same time  
6    out of phase   (of two waveforms) not in phase  
7      (Chem)   a distinct state of matter characterized by homogeneous composition and properties and the possession of a clearly defined boundary  
8      (Zoology)   a variation in the normal form of an animal, esp. a colour variation, brought about by seasonal or geographical change  
9      (Biology)   usually in combination   a stage in mitosis or meiosis  
prophase, metaphase     
10      (Electrical engineering)   one of the circuits in a system in which there are two or more alternating voltages displaced by equal amounts in phase (sense 5)  
   See also       polyphase       1  
11    (in systemic grammar) the type of correspondence that exists between the predicators in a clause that has two or more predicators; for example connection by to, as in I managed to do it, or -ing, as in we heard him singing  
      vb   tr  
12    often passive   to execute, arrange, or introduce gradually or in stages  
a phased withdrawal     
13    sometimes foll by: with   to cause (a part, process, etc.) to function or coincide with (another part, process, etc.)  
he tried to phase the intake and output of the machine, he phased the intake with the output     
14      (Chiefly U.S.)   to arrange (processes, goods, etc.) to be supplied or executed when required  
     (C19: from New Latin phases, pl of phasis, from Greek: aspect; related to Greek phainein to show)  
  phaseless      adj  
  phasic, phaseal      adj  

colour phase  
1    a seasonal change in the coloration of some animals  
2    an abnormal variation in the coloration shown by a group of animals within a species  
phase-contrast microscope  
      n   a microscope that makes visible details of colourless transparent objects. It employs a method of illumination such that small differences of refractive index of the materials in the object cause differences of luminous intensity by interference  
phase in  
      vb   tr, adv   to introduce in a gradual or cautious manner  
the legislation was phased in over two years     
phase modulation  
      n   a type of modulation, used in communication systems, in which the phase of a radio carrier wave is varied by an amount proportional to the instantaneous amplitude of the modulating signal  
phase out  
1    tr, adv   to discontinue or withdraw gradually  
2    the action or an instance of phasing out  
a phase-out of conventional forces     
phase rule  
      n   the principle that in any system in equilibrium the number of degrees of freedom is equal to the number of components less the number of phases plus two  
   See also       degree of freedom       component       4  
phase speed   , velocity  
      n     (Physics)   the speed at which the phase of a wave is propagated, the product of the frequency times the wavelength. This is the quantity that is determined by methods using interference. In a dispersive medium it differs from the group speed,   (Also called)    wave speed, wave velocity  
      adj      another term for       two-phase  
      adj   (of a system, circuit, or device) having, generating, or using a single alternating voltage  
      adj   (of an electrical system, circuit, or device) having, generating, or using three alternating voltages of the same frequency, displaced in phase by 120°  
      adj   (of an electrical circuit, device, etc.) generating or using two alternating voltages of the same frequency, displaced in phase by 90°,   (Also)    quarter-phase  
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aspect, chapter, condition, development, juncture, period, point, position, stage, state, step, time  

phase out     
axe     (informal)   close, deactivate, dispose of gradually, ease off, eliminate, pull, pull out, remove, replace, run down, taper off, terminate, wind down, wind up, withdraw  
   activate, begin, create, establish, form, initiate, open, set up, start  

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after woman delivery phase
Latin, Medical
gestant woman before delivery phase
1. [Rel.] expression used to describe metaphorically a period of ignorance and spiritual crisis that precedes the communion with Divinity ; 2. in a larger meaning, it is used when refering to having a hard time, going through a phase of pessimism, sadness, failure etc.
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