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      vb   tr   to annoy or nag continually  
     (C16: from Old French empestrer to hobble (a horse), from Vulgar Latin impastoriare (unattested) to use a hobble, from pastoria (unattested) a hobble, from Latin pastorius relating to a herdsman, from pastor herdsman)  
  pesterer      n  
  pesteringly      adv  
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aggravate     (informal)   annoy, badger, bedevil, bend someone's ear     (informal)   be on one's back     (slang)   bother, bug     (informal)   chivvy, disturb, drive one up the wall     (slang)   fret, get at, get in one's hair     (informal)   get on one's nerves     (informal)   harass, harry, hassle     (informal)   irk, nag, pick on, plague, ride     (informal)   torment, worry  

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