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1    a person or thing that annoys, esp. by imposing itself when it is not wanted; nuisance  
a    any organism that damages crops, injures or irritates livestock or man, or reduces the fertility of land  
b    (as modifier)  
pest control     
3    Rare   an epidemic disease or pestilence  
     (C16: from Latin pestis plague, of obscure origin)  

fowl pest  
1    an acute and usually fatal viral disease of domestic fowl, characterized by refusal to eat, high temperature, and discoloration of the comb and wattles  
2       another name for       Newcastle disease  
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1    annoyance, bane, bore, bother, drag     (informal)   gall, irritation, nuisance, pain     (informal)   pain in the arse     (taboo informal)   pain in the neck     (informal)   thorn in one's flesh, trial, vexation  
2    bane, blight, bug, curse, epidemic, infection, pestilence, plague, scourge  

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