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personality type


      n     (Psychol)   a cluster of personality traits commonly occurring together  
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      n   pl   , -ties  
1      (Psychol)   the sum total of all the behavioural and mental characteristics by means of which an individual is recognized as being unique  
2    the distinctive character of a person that makes him socially attractive  
a salesman needs a lot of personality     
3    a well-known person in a certain field, such as sport or entertainment  
4    a remarkable person  
the old fellow is a real personality     
5    the quality of being a unique person  
6    the distinctive atmosphere of a place or situation  
7    often pl   a personal remark  

multiple personality  
      n     (Psychiatry)   a mental disorder in which an individual's personality appears to have become separated into two or more distinct personalities, each with its own complex organization,   (Nontechnical name)    split personality  
personality cult  
      n   deliberately cultivated adulation of a person, esp. a political leader  
personality disorder  
      n     (Psychiatry)   any of a group of mental disorders characterized by a permanent disposition to behave in ways causing suffering to oneself or others  
personality inventory  
      n     (Psychol)   a form of personality test in which the subject answers questions about himself. The results are used to determine dimensions of personality, such as extroversion  
personality type  
      n     (Psychol)   a cluster of personality traits commonly occurring together  
psychopathic personality  
      n     (Psychiatry)   an antisocial personality characterized by the failure to develop any sense of moral responsibility and the capability of performing violent or antisocial acts  
split personality  
1    the tendency to change rapidly in mood or temperament  
2       a nontechnical term for       multiple personality  

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1    character, disposition, identity, individuality, make-up, nature, psyche, temper, temperament, traits  
2    attraction, attractiveness, character, charisma, charm, dynamism, likableness or likeableness, magnetism, pleasantness  
3    big name, celeb     (informal)   celebrity, famous name, household name, megastar     (informal)   notable, personage, star, well-known face, well-known person  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
Mozette /moz-ette/ 1. A personality cult movement 2. A feminine adoration of Steven P. Morrissey 3. Followers of a charismatic leader with narcissistic traits, displaying an extraordinary amount of energy.
Type of car with a hatch at the rear of the car, above the cargo area of the aft compartment, that opens upwards when opening the boot door.
blend of "slacker" and "activism". Act of participating to pointless activities as a type of activism.
Signing on-line petitions or wearing bracelets against war are forms of slacktivism
1. shoot with a firearm using a type of cartridge that contains gunpowder but neither bullet nor pellet. 2. [slang][fig.] be infertile and unlikely to impregnate a woman (due to various issues such as a low sperm count)
1.The squaddies were training, shooting blanks 2.We had been trying to have a baby for ages until a series of fertility tests revealed I was shooting blanks.
a type of work that goes on 24 hours from 24 hours because the teams performing it are located in various time zones.
E.g: Some claim that follow-the-sun is a business failure. It can be used also as a verb (Our team follows the sun ) or as an adjective (We offer follow-the-sun business support) .
artificial long word coined to mean a lung disease known as silicosis, a type of pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of ultra-microscopic particles of crystalline silica volcanic dust. It has the particularity of being the longest word in the English language published in a dictionary
Longer tech. terms exist (up to 189,819 letters!).The word, presumably coined in 1935 by E.M. Smith (pres. of the National Puzzlers'League) in imitation of very long medical terms, contains 45 letters
Any various types of snack or appetizer in Mexican cuisine
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