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      n   pl   , -ties  
1      (Psychol)   the sum total of all the behavioural and mental characteristics by means of which an individual is recognized as being unique  
2    the distinctive character of a person that makes him socially attractive  
a salesman needs a lot of personality     
3    a well-known person in a certain field, such as sport or entertainment  
4    a remarkable person  
the old fellow is a real personality     
5    the quality of being a unique person  
6    the distinctive atmosphere of a place or situation  
7    often pl   a personal remark  

multiple personality  
      n     (Psychiatry)   a mental disorder in which an individual's personality appears to have become separated into two or more distinct personalities, each with its own complex organization,   (Nontechnical name)    split personality  
personality cult  
      n   deliberately cultivated adulation of a person, esp. a political leader  
personality disorder  
      n     (Psychiatry)   any of a group of mental disorders characterized by a permanent disposition to behave in ways causing suffering to oneself or others  
personality inventory  
      n     (Psychol)   a form of personality test in which the subject answers questions about himself. The results are used to determine dimensions of personality, such as extroversion  
personality type  
      n     (Psychol)   a cluster of personality traits commonly occurring together  
psychopathic personality  
      n     (Psychiatry)   an antisocial personality characterized by the failure to develop any sense of moral responsibility and the capability of performing violent or antisocial acts  
split personality  
1    the tendency to change rapidly in mood or temperament  
2       a nontechnical term for       multiple personality  
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1    character, disposition, identity, individuality, make-up, nature, psyche, temper, temperament, traits  
2    attraction, attractiveness, character, charisma, charm, dynamism, likableness or likeableness, magnetism, pleasantness  
3    big name, celeb     (informal)   celebrity, famous name, household name, megastar     (informal)   notable, personage, star, well-known face, well-known person  

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Mozette /moz-ette/ 1. A personality cult movement 2. A feminine adoration of Steven P. Morrissey 3. Followers of a charismatic leader with narcissistic traits, displaying an extraordinary amount of energy.
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