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      n   pl   , -nae  
1    often pl   a character in a play, novel, etc.  
2    an assumed identity or character  
3    (in Jungian psychology) the mechanism that conceals a person's true thoughts and feelings, esp. in his adaptation to the outside world  
     (Latin: mask)  

in propria persona     (Latin)  
      adv     (Chiefly law)   in person; personally  
persona grata     (Latin)  
      n   pl   , personae gratae   an acceptable person, esp. a diplomat acceptable to the government of the country to which he or she is sent  
persona non grata     (Latin)  
      n   pl   , personae non gratae  
1    an unacceptable or unwelcome person  
2    a diplomatic or consular officer who is not acceptable to the government or sovereign to whom he or she is accredited  
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assumed role, character, façade, face, front, mask, part, personality, public face, role  

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