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1    the state or quality of being permeable  
2    a measure of the ability of a medium to modify a magnetic field, expressed as the ratio of the magnetic flux density in the medium to the field strength; measured in henries per metre.,   (Symbol)    μ  
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    relative permeability       magnetic constant  
3      (Civil engineering)   the rate of diffusion of fluid under pressure through soil  
4    the rate at which gas diffuses through the surface of a balloon or airship, usually expressed in litres per square metre per day  

permeability coefficient  
      n   the volume of an incompressible fluid that will flow in unit time through a unit cube of a porous substance across which a unit pressure difference is maintained  
relative permeability  
      n   the ratio of the permeability of a medium to that of free space.,   (Symbol)    μr
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