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1    the act, an instance, or an effect of percussing  
2      (Music)   the family of instruments in which sound arises from the striking of materials with sticks or hammers  
3      (Music)  
a    instruments of this family constituting a section of an orchestra, band, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a percussion ensemble     
4      (Med)   the act of percussing a body surface  
5    the act of exploding a percussion cap  
     (C16: from Latin percussio, from percutere to hit; see percuss)  

percussion cap  
      n   a detonator consisting of a paper or thin metal cap containing material that explodes when struck and formerly used in certain firearms  
percussion instrument  
      n   any of various musical instruments that produce a sound when their resonating surfaces are struck directly, as with a stick or mallet, or by leverage action. They may be of definite pitch (as a kettledrum or xylophone), indefinite pitch (as a gong or rattle), or a mixture of both (as various drums)  
percussion lock  
      n   a gunlock in which the hammer strikes a percussion cap  
percussion tool  
      n   a power driven tool which operates by striking rapid blows: the power may be electricity or compressed air  
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blow, brunt, bump, clash, collision, concussion, crash, impact, jolt, knock, shock, smash, thump  

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