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1    a woody climbing plant, Piper nigrum, of the East Indies, having small black berry-like fruits: family Piperaceae  
2    the dried fruit of this plant, which is ground to produce a sharp hot condiment  
   See also       black pepper       white pepper  
3    any of various other plants of the genus Piper  
   See       cubeb       betel       kava  
4      (Also called)    capsicum   any of various tropical plants of the solanaceous genus Capsicum, esp. C. frutescens, the fruits of which are used as a vegetable and a condiment  
   See also       bird pepper       sweet pepper       red pepper       cayenne pepper  
5    the fruit of any of these capsicums, which has a mild or pungent taste  
6    the condiment made from the fruits of any of these plants  
7    any of various similar but unrelated plants, such as water pepper  
      vb   tr  
8    to season with pepper  
9    to sprinkle liberally; dot  
his prose was peppered with alliteration     
10    to pelt with small missiles  
     (Old English piper, from Latin, from Greek peperi; compare French poivre, Old Norse piparr)  

alligator pepper  
      n     (Chiefly W African)  
1    a tropical African zingiberaceous plant, Amomum melegueta, having red or orange spicy seed capsules  
2    the capsules or seeds of this plant, used as a spice  
bird pepper  
1    a tropical solanaceous plant, Capsicum frutescens, thought to be the ancestor of the sweet pepper and many hot peppers  
2    the narrow podlike hot-tasting fruit of this plant  
black pepper  
      n   a pungent condiment made by grinding the dried unripe berries, together with their black husks, of the pepper plant Piper nigrum  
cayenne pepper  
      n   a very hot condiment, bright red in colour, made from the dried seeds and pods of various capsicums,   (Often shortened to)    cayenne     (Also called)    red pepper  
     (C18: ultimately from Tupi quiynha)  
green pepper  
1    the green unripe fruit of the sweet pepper, eaten raw or cooked  
2    the unripe fruit of various other pepper plants, eaten as a green vegetable  
Guinea pepper  
      n   a variety of the pepper plant Capsicum frutescens, from which cayenne pepper is obtained  
hot pepper  
1    any of several varieties of the pepper Capsicum frutescens, esp. chilli pepper  
2    the pungent usually small fruit of any of these plants  
Jamaica pepper  
      n      another name for       allspice  
1    (of cloth) marked with a fine mixture of black and white  
2    (of hair) streaked with grey  
pepper mill  
      n   a small hand mill used to grind peppercorns  
pepper pot  
1    a small container with perforations in the top for sprinkling pepper  
2    a Caribbean stew of meat, rice, vegetables, etc., highly seasoned with cassareep  
pepper tree  
      n   any of several evergreen anacardiaceous trees of the chiefly South American genus Schinus, esp. S. molle (also called: mastic tree), having yellowish-white flowers and bright red ornamental fruits  
red pepper  
1    any of several varieties of the pepper plant Capsicum frutescens, cultivated for their hot pungent red podlike fruits  
2    the fruit of any of these plants  
3    the ripe red fruit of the sweet pepper  
4       another name for       cayenne pepper  
sweet pepper  
1    a pepper plant, Capsicum frutescens grossum, with large bell-shaped fruits that are eaten unripe (green pepper) or ripe (red pepper)  
2    the fruit of this plant  
wall pepper  
      n   a small Eurasian crassulaceous plant, Sedum acre, having creeping stems, yellow flowers, and acrid-tasting leaves  
water pepper  
      n   any of several polygonaceous plants of the genus Polygonum, esp. P. hydropiper, of marshy regions, having reddish stems, clusters of small greenish flowers, and acrid-tasting leaves  
white pepper  
      n   a condiment, less pungent than black pepper, made from the husked dried beans of the pepper plant Piper nigrum, used either whole or ground  
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1    flavour, season, spice  
2    bespeckle, dot, fleck, spatter, speck, sprinkle, stipple, stud  
3    bombard, pelt, riddle, scatter, shower  

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