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1    the action of going through or around a town, neighbourhood, etc., at regular intervals for purposes of security or observation  
2    a person or group that carries out such an action  
3    a military detachment with the mission of security, gathering information, or combat with enemy forces  
4    a division of a troop of Scouts or Guides  
      vb   , -trols, -trolling, -trolled  
5    to engage in a patrol of (a place)  
     (C17: from French patrouiller, from patouiller to flounder in mud, from patte paw)  
  patroller      n  

patrol car  
      n   a police car with a radio telephone used for patrolling streets and motorways  
   See also       panda car  
patrol wagon  
      n      the usual U.S., Austral., and N.Z. term for       Black Maria     (Also called (U.S.))    police wagon  
school crossing patrol  
      n      the official name for       lollipop man       lady  
shark patrol  
      n     (Chiefly Austral)   a watch for sharks kept by an aircraft flying over beaches used by swimmers  
shore patrol  
      n     (U.S)   a naval unit serving the same function as the military police  
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1    guarding, policing, protecting, rounds, safeguarding, vigilance, watching  
2    garrison, guard, patrolman, sentinel, watch, watchman  
3    cruise, guard, inspect, keep guard, keep watch, make the rounds, police, pound, range, safeguard, walk the beat  

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