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1    prenominal   of or belonging to a single or specific person, thing, category, etc.; specific; special  
the particular demands of the job, no particular reason     
2    prenominal   exceptional or marked  
a matter of particular importance     
3    prenominal   relating to or providing specific details or circumstances  
a particular account     
4    exacting or difficult to please, esp. in details; fussy  
5    (of the solution of a differential equation) obtained by giving specific values to the arbitrary constants in a general equation  
6      (Logic)   (of a proposition) affirming or denying something about only some members of a class of objects, as in some men are not wicked  
   Compare       universal       10  
7      (Property law)   denoting an estate that precedes the passing of the property into ultimate ownership  
   See also       remainder       3       reversion       4  
8    a separate distinct item that helps to form a generalization: opposed to general  
9    often pl   an item of information; detail  
complete in every particular     
10      (Logic)      another name for       individual       7a  
11      (Philosophy)   an individual object, as contrasted with a universal  
   See       universal       12b  
12    in particular   especially, particularly, or exactly  
     (C14: from Old French particuler, from Late Latin particularis concerning a part, from Latin particula particle)  
   particularly             adv  
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1    decidedly, especially, exceptionally, markedly, notably, outstandingly, peculiarly, singularly, surprisingly, uncommonly, unusually  
2    distinctly, especially, explicitly, expressly, in particular, specifically  

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