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1    relating to only a part; not general or complete  
a partial eclipse     
2    biased  
a partial judge     
3    postpositive; foll by: to   having a particular liking (for)  
4      (Botany)  
a    constituting part of a larger structure  
a partial umbel     
b    used for only part of the life cycle of a plant  
a partial habitat     
c    (of a parasite) not exclusively parasitic  
5      (Maths)   designating or relating to an operation in which only one of a set of independent variables is considered at a time  
6      (Also called)    partial tone     (Music, acoustics)   any of the component tones of a single musical sound, including both those that belong to the harmonic series of the sound and those that do not  
7      (Maths)   a partial derivative  
     (C15: from Old French parcial, from Late Latin partialis incomplete, from Latin pars part)  
   partially             adv  
  partialness      n  
See at partly  

partially sighted  
a    unable to see properly so that even with corrective aids normal activities are prevented or seriously hindered  
b    (as collective n; preceded by the)  
the partially sighted     
  partial sight      n  
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fractionally, halfway, incompletely, in part, moderately, not wholly, partly, piecemeal, somewhat, to a certain extent or degree  

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a virtual component in cyberspace which may be in any form and may execute any function, solely or partially.
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