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parametric statistics


      n   functioning as sing   the branch of statistics concerned with data measurable on interval or ratio scales, so that arithmetic operations are applicable to them, enabling parameters such as the mean of the distribution to be defined  
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1    one of a number of auxiliary variables in terms of which all the variables in an implicit functional relationship can be explicitly expressed  
   See       parametric equations  
2    a variable whose behaviour is not being considered and which may for present purposes be regarded as a constant, as y in the partial derivative ∂f(x,y)/∂x  
3      (Statistics)   a characteristic of the distribution of a population, such as its mean, as distinct from that of a sample  
   Compare       statistic  
4    Informal   any constant or limiting factor  
a designer must work within the parameters of budget and practicality     
     (C17: from New Latin; see para-1, -meter)  
  parametrical      adj  

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