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1      (Astronomy)   the curved path, usually elliptical, followed by a planet, satellite, comet, etc., in its motion around another celestial body under the influence of gravitation  
2    a range or field of action or influence; sphere  
he is out of my orbit     
3      (Anatomy)   the bony cavity containing the eyeball,   (Nontechnical name)    eye socket  
4      (Zoology)  
a    the skin surrounding the eye of a bird  
b    the hollow in which lies the eye or eyestalk of an insect or other arthropod  
5      (Physics)   the path of an electron in its motion around the nucleus of an atom  
6    to move around (a body) in a curved path, usually circular or elliptical  
7    tr   to send (a satellite, spacecraft, etc.) into orbit  
8    intr   to move in or as if in an orbit  
     (C16: from Latin orbita course, from orbis circle, orb)  
  orbitally      adv  

dump orbit  
      n   an earth orbit into which communications satellites may be moved at the end of their operational lives, where there is no risk of their interference or collision with working satellites in the normal orbits,   (Also called)    graveyard orbit  
graveyard orbit  
      n      another name for       dump orbit  
parking orbit  
      n   an orbit around the earth or moon in which a spacecraft can be placed temporarily in order to prepare for the next step in its programme  
stationary orbit  
      n     (Astronautics)   a synchronous orbit lying in or approximately in the plane of the equator  
synchronous orbit  
      n     (Astronautics)   an earth orbit in which a satellite makes one complete revolution in the period taken for the earth to rotate about its axis  
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1    circle, circumgyration, course, cycle, ellipse, path, revolution, rotation, track, trajectory  
2      (figurative)   ambit, compass, course, domain, influence, range, reach, scope, sphere, sphere of influence, sweep  
3    circle, circumnavigate, encircle, revolve around  

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