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1    spoken or verbal  
an oral agreement     
2    relating to, affecting, or for use in the mouth  
an oral thermometer     
3    of or relating to the surface of an animal, such as a jellyfish, on which the mouth is situated  
4    denoting a drug to be taken by mouth  
an oral contraceptive         Compare       parenteral  
5    of, relating to, or using spoken words  
6      (Phonetics)   pronounced with the soft palate in a raised position completely closing the nasal cavity and allowing air to pass out only through the mouth  
7      (Psychoanal)  
a    relating to a stage of psychosexual development during which the child's interest is concentrated on the mouth  
b    denoting personality traits, such as dependence, selfishness, and aggression, resulting from fixation at the oral stage  
   Compare       anal       2       genital       2       phallic       2  
8    an examination in which the questions and answers are spoken rather than written  
     (C17: from Late Latin oralis, from Latin os face)  
  orally      adv  

oral eroticism  
      n     (Psychoanal)   libidinal pleasure derived from the lips and mouth, for example by kissing  
oral history  
      n   the memories of living people about events or social conditions which they experienced in their earlier lives taped and preserved as historical evidence  
oral hygiene  
      n      another name for       dental hygiene  
oral hygienist  
      n      another name for       dental hygienist  
Oral Law  
      n     (Judaism)   the traditional body of religious law believed to have been revealed to Moses as an interpretation of the Torah and passed on orally until it was codified and recorded, principally in the Mishna and Gemara  
oral society  
      n   a society that has not developed literacy  
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spoken, verbal, viva voce, vocal  

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blow job ; oral sex
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