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      vb   , nods, nodding, nodded  
1    to lower and raise (the head) briefly, as to indicate agreement, invitation, etc.  
2    tr   to express or indicate by nodding  
she nodded approval     
3    tr   to bring or direct by nodding  
she nodded me towards the manager's office     
4    intr   (of flowers, trees, etc.) to sway or bend forwards and back  
5    intr   to let the head fall forward through drowsiness; be almost asleep  
the old lady sat nodding by the fire     
6    intr   to be momentarily inattentive or careless  
even Homer sometimes nods     
7    a quick down-and-up movement of the head, as in assent, command, etc.  
she greeted him with a nod     
8    a short sleep; nap  
   See also       land of Nod  
9    a swaying motion, as of flowers, etc., in the wind  
10    nodding acquaintance   a slight, casual, or superficial knowledge (of a subject or a person)  
11    on the nod  
a    agreed, as in a committee meeting, without any formal procedure  
b    (formerly) on credit  
12    the nod     (Boxing, informal)   the award of a contest to a competitor on the basis of points scored,   (See also)        nod off       nod out  
     (C14 nodde, of obscure origin)  
  nodding      adj, n  

land of Nod  
1      (Old Testament)   a region to the east of Eden to which Cain went after he had killed Abel (Genesis 4:14)  
2    an imaginary land of sleep  
      vb   , -nods, -nodding, -nodded   to nod repeatedly  
     (C18: reduplication of nod)  
nod off  
      vb   intr, adv  
Informal   to fall asleep  
nod out  
      vb   intr, adv  
Slang   to lapse into stupor, esp. on heroin  
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1    acknowledge, bob, bow, dip, duck, gesture, indicate, nutate     (rare)   salute, signal  
2    agree, assent, concur, show agreement  
3    be sleepy, doze, droop, drowse, kip     (Brit. slang)   nap, sleep, slump, zizz     (Brit. informal)  
4    acknowledgment, beck, gesture, greeting, indication, salute, sign, signal  

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