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1    the opposite or absence of something  
2    a negative thing or condition  
3    the act or an instance of negating  
4      (Logic)  
a    the operator that forms one sentence from another and corresponds to the English not  
b    a sentence so formed. It is usually written --p, ~p, p or <negat>p, where p is the given sentence, and is false when the given sentence is true, and true when it is false  

double negation  
      n     (Logic)   the principle that a statement is equivalent to the denial of its negation, as it is not the case that John is not here meaning John is here  
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1    antithesis, antonym, contradiction, contrary, converse, counterpart, denial, disavowal, disclaimer, inverse, opposite, rejection, renunciation, reverse  
2    opposition, proscription, refusal, repudiation, veto  
3    cancellation, neutralization, nullification  
4    blank, nonexistence, nothingness, nullity, vacuity, void  

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