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1    small in breadth, esp. in comparison to length  
2    limited in range or extent  
3    limited in outlook; lacking breadth of vision  
4    limited in means or resources; meagre  
narrow resources     
5    barely adequate or successful (esp. in the phrase a narrow escape)  
6    painstakingly thorough; minute  
a narrow scrutiny     
7      (Finance)   denoting an assessment of liquidity as including notes and coin in circulation with the public, banks' till money, and banks' balances  
narrow money         Compare       broad       14  
8    Dialect   overcareful with money; parsimonious  
9      (Phonetics)  
a       another word for       tense   1       4  
b    relating to or denoting a transcription used to represent phonetic rather than phonemic distinctions  
c       another word for       close   1       21  
10    (of agricultural feeds) especially rich in protein  
11    narrow squeak  
Informal   an escape only just managed  
12    to make or become narrow; limit; restrict  
13    a narrow place, esp. a pass or strait,   (See also)        narrows  
     (Old English nearu; related to Old Saxon naru)  
   narrowly             adv  
  narrowness      n  
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1    barely, by a whisker or hair's-breadth, by the skin of one's teeth, just, only just, scarcely  
2    carefully, closely, painstakingly, scrutinizingly  

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