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1    that which makes up something, esp. a physical object; material  
2    substance that occupies space and has mass, as distinguished from substance that is mental, spiritual, etc.  
3    substance of a specified type  
vegetable matter, reading matter     
4    sometimes foll by: of or for   thing; affair; concern; question  
a matter of taste, several matters to attend to, no laughing matter     
5    a quantity or amount  
a matter of a few pence     
6    the content of written or verbal material as distinct from its style or form  
7    used with a negative   importance; consequence  
8      (Philosophy)   (in the writings of Aristotle and the Scholastics) that which is itself formless but can receive form and become substance  
9      (Philosophy)   (in the Cartesian tradition) one of two basic modes of existence, the other being mind: matter being extended in space as well as time  
10      (Printing)  
a    type set up, either standing or for use  
b    copy to be set in type  
11    a secretion or discharge, such as pus  
12      (Law)  
a    something to be proved  
b    statements or allegations to be considered by a court  
13    for that matter   as regards that  
14       See       grey matter  
15    no matter  
a    regardless of; irrespective of  
no matter what the excuse, you must not be late     
b    sentence substitute   it is unimportant  
16    the matter   wrong; the trouble  
there's nothing the matter     
      vb   intr  
17    to be of consequence or importance  
18    to form and discharge pus  
     (C13 (n), C16 (vb): from Latin materia cause, substance, esp. wood, or a substance that produces something else; related to mater mother)  

back matter  
      n   the parts of a book, such as the index and appendices, that follow the main text,   (Also called)    end matter  
condensed matter  
      n     (Physics)  
a    crystalline and amorphous solids and liquids, including liquid crystals, glasses, polymers, and gels  
b    (as modifier)  
condensed-matter physics     
dark matter  
      n     (Astronomy)   matter known to make up a substantial part of the mass of the universe, but not detectable by its absorption or emission of electromagnetic radiation  
degenerate matter  
      n     (Astrophysics)   the highly compressed state of a star's matter when its atoms virtually touch in the final stage of its evolution into a white dwarf  
end matter  
      n      another name for       back matter  
front matter  
      n      another name for       prelims       1  
grey matter  
1    the greyish tissue of the brain and spinal cord, containing nerve cell bodies, dendrites, and bare (unmyelinated) axons,   (Technical name)    substantia grisea      Compare       white matter  
2    Informal   brains or intellect  
matter of course  
1    an event or result that is natural or inevitable  
2    usually postpositive   occurring as a matter of course  
3    accepting things as inevitable or natural  
a matter-of-course attitude     
matter of fact  
1    a fact that is undeniably true  
2      (Law)   a statement of facts the truth of which the court must determine on the basis of the evidence before it: contrasted with matter of law  
3      (Philosophy)   a proposition that is amenable to empirical testing, as contrasted with the truths of logic or mathematics  
4    as a matter of fact   actually; in fact  
5    unimaginative or emotionless  
he gave a matter-of-fact account of the murder     
matter of law  
      n     (Law)   an issue requiring the court's interpretation of the law or relevant principles of the law: contrasted with matter of fact  
matter of opinion  
      n   a point open to question; a debatable statement  
matter waves  
      pl n      See       de Broglie waves  
subject matter  
      n   the substance or main theme of a book, discussion, debate, etc.  
white matter  
      n   the whitish tissue of the brain and spinal cord, consisting mainly of myelinated nerve fibres,   (Technical name)    substantia alba      Compare       grey matter  
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1    body, material, stuff, substance  
2    affair, business, concern, episode, event, incident, issue, occurrence, proceeding, question, situation, subject, thing, topic, transaction  
3    amount, quantity, sum  
4    argument, context, purport, sense, subject, substance, text, thesis  
5    consequence, import, importance, moment, note, significance, weight  
6    complication, difficulty, distress, problem, trouble, upset, worry  
7      (Medical)   discharge, purulence, pus, secretion  
8    be important, be of consequence, carry weight, count, have influence, make a difference, mean something, signify  

deadpan, down-to-earth, dry, dull, emotionless, flat, lifeless, mundane, plain, prosaic, sober, unembellished, unimaginative, unsentimental, unvarnished  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
not matter; have no value or effect; be useless
avoid the main topic ; discuss a matter without coming to the point ; to not speak directly/frankly/bluntly about the issue
Ex: Please, stop beating around the bush and get to the point! Also: beat about the bush
home is the best place to be no matter where it is
an ambitious woman who thinks her career really matters more than many things and is not willing to compromise on it
ideas, matters that people are currently most interested in
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