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      vb   , cuts, cutting, cut  
1    to open up or incise (a person or thing) with a sharp edge or instrument; gash  
2    (of a sharp instrument) to penetrate or incise (a person or thing)  
3    to divide or be divided with or as if with a sharp instrument  
cut a slice of bread     
4    intr   to use a sharp-edged instrument or an instrument that cuts  
5    tr   to trim or prune by or as if by clipping  
to cut hair     
6    tr   to reap or mow (a crop, grass, etc.)  
7    tr   to geld or castrate  
8    tr; sometimes foll by: out   to make, form, or shape by cutting  
to cut a suit     
9    tr   to hollow or dig out; excavate  
to cut a tunnel through the mountain     
10    to strike (an object) sharply  
11    tr     (Sport)   to hit (a ball) with a downward slicing stroke so as to impart spin or cause it to fall short  
12      (Cricket)   to hit (the ball) to the off side, usually between cover and third man, with a roughly horizontal bat  
13    to hurt or wound the feelings of (a person), esp. by malicious speech or action  
14    tr  
Informal   to refuse to recognize; snub  
15    tr  
Informal   to absent oneself from (an activity, location, etc.), esp. without permission or in haste  
to cut class     
16    tr   to abridge, shorten, or edit by excising a part or parts  
17    tr; often foll by: down   to lower, reduce, or curtail  
to cut losses     
18    tr   to dilute or weaken  
heroin that was cut with nontoxic elements     
19    tr   to dissolve or break up  
to cut fat     
20    when intr, foll by: across or through   to cross or traverse  
the footpath cuts through the field     
21    intr   to make a sharp or sudden change in direction; veer  
22    to grow (teeth) through the gums or (of teeth) to appear through the gums  
23    intr     (Films)  
a    to call a halt to a shooting sequence  
b    foll by: to   to move quickly to another scene  
24      (Films)   to edit (film)  
25    tr   to switch off (a light, car engine, etc.)  
26    tr   (of a performer, recording company, etc.) to make (a record or tape of a song, concert, performance, etc.)  
27      (Cards)  
a    to divide (the pack) at random into two parts after shuffling  
b    intr   to pick cards from a spread pack to decide dealer, partners, etc.  
28    tr   to remove (material) from an object by means of a chisel, lathe, etc.  
29    tr   (of a tool) to bite into (an object)  
30    intr   (of a horse) to injure the leg just above the hoof by a blow from the opposite foot  
31    cut a caper or capers  
a    to skip or jump playfully  
b    to act or behave playfully; frolic  
32    cut both ways  
a    to have both good and bad effects  
b    to affect both sides of something, as two parties in an argument, etc.  
33    cut a dash   to behave or dress showily or strikingly; make a stylish impression  
34    cut (a person) dead  
Informal   to ignore (a person) completely  
35    cut a (good, poor, etc.) figure   to appear or behave in a specified manner  
36    cut and run  
Informal   to make a rapid escape  
37    cut it fine  
Informal   to allow little margin of time, space, etc.  
38    cut corners   to do something in the easiest or shortest way, esp. at the expense of high standards  
we could finish this project early only if we cut corners     
39    cut loose   to free or become freed from restraint, custody, anchorage, etc.  
40    cut no ice  
Informal   to fail to make an impression  
41    cut one's losses          to give up spending time, money, or energy on an unprofitable or unsuccessful activity  
42    cut one's teeth on  
a    to use at an early age or stage  
b    to practise on  
43    detached, divided, or separated by cutting  
44      (Botany)   incised or divided  
cut leaves     
45    made, shaped, or fashioned by cutting  
46    reduced or diminished by or as if by cutting  
cut prices     
47    gelded or castrated  
48    weakened or diluted  
49      (Brit)      a slang word for       drunk  
50    hurt; resentful  
51    cut and dried  
Informal   settled or arranged in advance  
52    cut lunch     (Austral. and N.Z.)   a sandwich lunch carried from home to work, school, etc.  
53    the act of cutting  
54    a stroke or incision made by cutting; gash  
55    a piece or part cut off, esp. a section of food cut from the whole  
a cut of meat     
56    the edge of anything cut or sliced  
57    a passage, channel, path, etc., cut or hollowed out  
58    an omission or deletion, esp. in a text, film, or play  
59    a reduction in price, salary, etc.  
60    a decrease in government finance in a particular department or area, usually leading to a reduction of services, staff numbers, etc.  
61       short for       power cut  
62      (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a quantity of timber cut during a specific time or operation  
63    Informal   a portion or share  
64    Informal   a straw, slip of paper, etc., used in drawing lots  
65    the manner or style in which a thing, esp. a garment, is cut; fashion  
a      (Irish)  
informal   a person's general appearance  
I didn't like the cut of him     
b      (Irish)  
derogatory   a dirty or untidy condition  
look at the cut of your shoes     
67    a direct route; short cut  
68       the U.S. name for       block       15  
69      (Sport)   the spin of a cut ball  
70      (Cricket)   a stroke made with the bat in a roughly horizontal position  
71      (Films)   an immediate transition from one shot to the next, brought about by splicing the two shots together  
72    Informal   an individual piece of music on a record; track  
73    words or an action that hurt another person's feelings  
74    a refusal to recognize an acquaintance; snub  
75    Informal     (chiefly U.S.)   an unauthorized absence, esp. from a school class  
76      (Chem)   a fraction obtained in distillation, as in oil refining  
77    the metal removed in a single pass of a machine tool  
a    the shape of the teeth of a file  
b    their coarseness or fineness  
79      (Brit)   a stretch of water, esp. a canal  
80    a cut above  
Informal   superior (to); better (than),   (See also)        cut across       cut along       cutback       cut down       cut in       cut off       cut out       cut up  
     (C13: probably of Scandinavian origin; compare Norwegian kutte to cut, Icelandic kuti small knife)  
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